Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bible Verses on Divorce & Adultery

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So ... in this mess of pornography addiction, marriage, and possibly in-the-flesh cheating, where does the 'D' word come into play, anyway? Let me just start by saying it's not my place to tell anyone where that line has been crossed--you know the magical line that takes a relationship into a realm where divorce is the answer. I know wives of addicts wonder about this though. I know because they've told me. I also know because I was once the wife of an addict.
For some women, learning that their husband is an addict is enough. The end. Others live with it, struggle with it--for years or even indefinitely. And here's my answer for all you ladies out there: One choice is not necessarily better or worse, right or wrong for every single couple. You will have to figure out what's right for you, regardless of what anyone else says, and just go with it. Follow your gut. But also, be aware that time is a funny thing. Time can change things--for better or worse. Your path might be straightforward, or dynamic and ever-evolving. If you feel a change in the wind and the need to make a course-correction, trust yourself.
On the religious side of things, some scripture passages regarding divorce can get kind of tricky and even confusing. For instance, this one:
Whosoever aputteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery. (Luke 16:18)
Wait! What? My ex is an adulterer, so if he divorces me and marries his mistress, he is still an adulterer, right?But, if I get divorced and remarried, I'm committing adultery too? Whaaa? This particular passage has troubled me a lot, but I recently found a theory that helped me make some sense out of it:
"The Lord then described a higher law of marriage: “Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.” (Matt. 19:9; [underline] added.) That is, in the spirit of a higher law, his statement suggests that those who divorce for reasons other than sexual infidelity and then marry someone else have unrighteously divorced, and they commit adultery; but the woman or man whose spouse commits adultery, thus breaking the marriage covenant, may choose to divorce the offending spouse and may marry again and not commit adultery." ("I Have a Question" Ensign Jan. 1993)
This is just a small blurb. If you are interested, I highly recommend reading the full article. Basically, the gist of it is that in the Lord's eyes, the ideal is no divorce whatsoever. However, because we are weak and imperfect, he has made some allowances. From the beginning, even in Moses' time, the Lord has allowed divorce on the grounds of sexual infidelity. Other reasons aren't so cut and dry. But pornography addiction is a funny one isn't it? I've often heard people in the porn addiction recovery realm say that "looking is cheating," for several reasons--not the least of which is because a true addict is projecting the majority of his/her sexual energy elsewhere, leaving nothing for the marriage bed.
Anyway ... my point is this: It is natural for those of us, whether we are addicts or loved ones, to question our marriage relationships. We wonder, "When do I decide that enough is enough?" or "Do I dare mention the dreaded 'D' word?" (not as a manipulation, but as a real option). There are places to go for advice. We can talk to people about it until we are blue in the face. We can read the scriptures to find out what the Lord and church leaders have said about divorce in general.  But when it all comes down to it, there's just not a bar-none absolute right answer for each couple. In the end, you will need to make your own boundaries, set your own limits, and take action (or not) when you feel it is appropriate. It might not always be the easy way, but it's the healthy way.
To view this post on the Hope & Healing Website, click here.

Friday, November 15, 2013


One of the mainstream newspapers in the UK displays full frontal nudity on p. 3 in every issue, and people have finally started to take a stand against it. How would you feel if you were sitting in a coffee shop next to customers blatantly discussing the porn on p. 3? What about a nurse tending to a patient in a hospital who is commenting on the boobs on p. 3. How does she feel? How about an elementary art teacher prepping for the day who has to cut this page out from each newspaper before she can lay them out for the students? These are all instances I have read about on their site, and citizens are not standing for it any more. Help us stand with them.

Have you signed the petition yet? Do it!

Don't live in the UK? Doesn't matter. Your signature counts.

Another easy way to connect with them is to find them on facebook. Here's the link to their fan page:

Below is an update I just got this morning via email. Great stuff!!!

Hello to all 123,725 of you!!

We are so pleased to tell you that last week there was debate about Page 3 in The Scottish Parliament!

It gained cross party support and MSPs urged the Editor of The Scottish Sun, Gordon Smart, to “take his paper into the twenty first century by consigning Page 3 to the dustbin of history". Huge thanks to Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour MSP for Dumbarton, who led the Members’ Debate.
Watch it here!

Students around the country are working hard to say No More Page 3 too! Abertay, Birmingham City, Bradford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Durham, Dundee, Edinburgh, East Anglia, Essex, LSE, Manchester Met, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Stirling, UCL, Winchester, York St John and Brasenose College, St Hugh’s College, New College, University College and Teddy Hall, Oxford have all removed the newspaper from their shops until the Sun drops Page 3!

Also, as you know NMP3 has inspired A LOT of creativity, well, now a choir has written and recorded us a song! It’s glorious!

A theatre company is holding a play writing competition, inviting people to write short plays inspired by the campaign!

AND, this weekend is the 43rd anniversary of Page 3. We’re quite sure it will be the last one, after all with so many people, organisations and charities who work to end violence against women, saying ‘please, stop it, these pictures are damaging’ - how long can the Sun continue to show these pictures?

JOIN US this weekend at one of the many protests that are going on around the country! (or do something yourself to say No More Page 3) Details here: 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teaching kids about porn

Way down on your “I Don’t Want To Do” list, there might be an item like this: “Warn my kids about porn.” What are you waiting for? Don’t know what to say? Check out this article:

Photo Credit: Deseret News
on Power of Moms

I would say, check out this AMAZING article or this SUPER COOL, FANTASTIC article, but I am a little biased because ... well ... I wrote it. Hee hee.
Truth be told, I'm pretty giddy that it got published. :) It ran on the Deseret News website today, too!   April Perry, founder of Power of Moms, posted it in place of her column, "Motherhood Matters," this week. What an honor!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Coping with Broken Covenants--A Message of Love

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As I sat in the General Relief Society broadcast for the LDS church Saturday night, I thought of all of you--particularly the wives of porn addicts. Linda S. Reeves shared a beautiful message about the power of the Atonement that pierced my heart, and as I listened, I knew I had to run home and post it! My favorite part was when she talked about the Provo tabernacle being gutted by a terrible fire. Many people wondered: 'Surely the Lord could have stopped the fire, or at least prevented so much damage. Why didn't he stop it?' But they didn't know what he had in mind. Just a few months later, President Monson announced to a dumbstruck congregation that the edifice would be transformed into a beautiful temple. The Lord had known from the beginning. He had allowed the interior to be completely destroyed, so that he could rebuild it inside, into something more glorious than anyone could have imagined. How many of us have felt that way in the midst of all of this muck? Destroyed. Gutted by fire. But can we really imagine what the Lord has in store?
Photo Credit: LDS Church Temples
I wish I had her words, rather than just my memory, but I don't even have enough patience to wait for the written transcript to come out! So, until then, here is a direct link to the video of her talk. (Actually, I'm really happy I have the footage. Her emotions were half the reason I was so touched. She knows. Look into her eyes.)

In one particular part of her address, she reached out to those who are suffering from the choices of others--because of family members who have broken covenants. She referenced a passage in the Book of Mormon in which Jacob gives a sermon about the law of chastity. Sister Reeves emphasized that this passage is meant specifically for our day, and told us that he is speaking as if the Savior were talking directly to us. This chapter (Jacob 2) is near and dear to my heart, and I have marked those verses and wet those pages with my tears many times in past years as I've struggled through the addictions of my own first husband. The words bring such understanding and compassion for the women and children:
"And also it grieveth me that I must use so much boldness of speech concerning you, before your wives and your children, many of whose feelings are exceedingly tender and chaste before God ... to enlarge the wounds of those who are already wounded ... [and who] have daggers placed to pierce their souls and wound their delicate minds. ... Wherefore, my brethren, hear me, and hearken to the word of the Lord: For there shall not any man among you have save it be one wife; and concubines he shall have none; For I, the Lord God, delight in the chastity of women. And whoredoms are an abomination before me; thus saith the Lord of Hosts ... For behold, I the Lord, have seen the sorrow, and heard the mourning of the daughters of my people in the land of Jerusalem, yay, and in all the lands of my people, because of the wickedness and abominations of their husbands." 
So many times I've read these verses and thought, 'He knows. At least Jacob knows how I feel. And the Lord does hear my cries.'

I encourage you to listen to the talk and to read the words in Jacob whenever you feel alone.
You are never alone.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to School

A few of you have already heard the news, but ... I've been working on this one for months ... and it's really going to happen! A real event! A real venue! A chance to take a stand and make some serious noise about this cause!

We're going to Southern Virginia University, and we're taking White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) Week with us!

I put in a proposal 3 months ago and after phone calls and emails and follow-ups and 'maaaybeees' and tracking this thing sloooowly up the chain of command, I finally jumped in the car and drove two hours down to pitch the idea at a 7 a.m. Executive Council meeting last week! Well, I must have made an impact, because ...

THEY SAID YES! :) :) :)

Stay tuned for updates.


P.S. WRAP Week is Oct. 27-Nov. 3 this year. What are you doing to support the cause, eh? Maybe I'll post a few ideas to get your wheels turning. ;)

White Ribbons Against Pornography from Communications Bureau on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Remember SHAMED? They need help!

I've been working off and on with the director of this film, Jessica Mockett, for more than a year now, and I am psyched to see it swinging back into motion in such a huge way! SHAMED, now titled The Heart of the Matter: Finding Light in the Darkness of Pornography Addiction is a beautiful project geared toward educating the Christian community about porn addiction--something that's pretty hard to do. A lot of Christians just don't like to talk about it, right? But we can't keep pretending it's not a problem, even inside the Christian culture! 

For any of you who have seen clips, you know ... what she's done so far is amazing. It's obvious that Jessica is a true professional, that she is taking this seriously, and that she is extremely talented at what she does! Every time I've shared pieces of the film, I've seen tears fall, jaws drop, and souls stirred. When the entire movie is done (if she can get enough funding to finish it), it's going to be phenomenal.   

Here's your chance to give more than just a 'thumbs up.' Join the crusade! Give a lot or a little. Or at the very least, share the message! Anything you can do will help the cause.

Here's a note from Jessica:

While funding this project has been a challenge, we press forward because we know that the film will be significant in changing how Christians view the issues. I ask for your help once again so that this movie can be available to countless viewers: that hearts will be touched, that Christians will see more clearly how to recover from the scars of pornography, that it will draw them closer to God.

Here are a few quick updates on the progress of the project:

1)     We have brought in a new producing partnerNathan Lee, a multi Emmy award-winning producer/director who understands intimately the issues our film addresses.
2)     For 18 months we pursued the project under the title Shamed. After much thought, we gave the film a new title that speaks more clearly to hope and healing. The film will now be known as The Heart of the Matter – finding light in the darkness of pornography addiction.
3)     We have a grant offer of $15K that will expire in early October if we cannot find the matching funds.

In order to receive our grant in time, we have gone back online to try to raise the needed $15K there.

Our latest Kickstarter fundraiser is shorter than anything we’ve done before: Only 18 days!

I am asking that you click on this link and visit our Kickstarter page. Watch our latest pitch video and trailer. Read about the project there. I hope that you catch our vision and join our effort.

We ask that you donate again or for the first time.

We ask that you share the link to Kickstarter on your personal or organizational social media platforms.

We ask that you email 5-10 people and encourage them to consider donating to the project.

If you have connections to like-minded organizations or churches please inform them about this project and ask them if they will support the efforts by donating or sharing with their networks/congregations.

Our campaign ends October 5th at midnight EST. If you are interested – don’t hold off in participating. The more momentum we have in the beginning of the campaign the better chance we have of succeeding!

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Brass Serpent

As I was reading through some old magazines today, I came across an article on pornography addiction, and I read this beautiful exerpt:

The children of Israel did not have to focus on the serpents or the pain of their venomous bites or their fear of death in order to be healed. They simply had to look to the source of healing: their Savior, Jesus Christ. 

from "Overcoming Addiction through the Atonement," Benjamin R. Erwin, LDS Family Services, Ensign, September 2012

I've added this one--and a few others--to my growing list under my Talks & Articles tab. Feel free to swing by and take a look. :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This is the whole point ...

I will spend the rest of my life dedicated to this cause. I can't help it. There's a fire in my blood to push forward, to find the women, to tear the blinders from people's eyes, to battle the plague. I won't be beaten. I will fight. And I know you are with me.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Laboring elsewhere in the vineyard

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I've been MIA ... but not really.

I love this work. Fighting pornography is one of my passions. In fact, lately I've become mildly addicted to it. Ironic, eh?

Below is a list of some of my latest projects. Come join the fun!!!
  • Just updated the Hope & Healing Blog. Have you seen it? From now on, I'll probably be working more on maintaining that blog than my own. So if you want to see what I'm working on, swing by and see us, okay?
  • Created a page for the H&H Forum on facebook. Be bold! Come "Like" us, and/or share the link with your friends. You never know who might need it. Here's the message I put up for all my hundreds of friends to see: 
"Are you suffering as the result of pornography addiction, betrayal trauma, adultery, or sexual abuse? Chances are, someone you know is suffering in silence, and you might not even realize it. Life with a sex addict (or as a sex addict) can be a lonely road, but it doesn't have to be. Women, when brought together in faith, have an unbelievable power to help each other heal. And there is a protected forum online where more than 400 anonymous women are brought together for just this purpose. Joining together doesn't fix the addiction, but so many women who visit are surprised to learn: I am NOT alone.

Even if this isn't for you, please stop by and 'like' the page. You never know who will see it ... and need it.
(See? You don't have to implicate you or your husband, you know. At least on my wall, people came out of the woodwork all over the place to support the forum just because it is such a great cause.)
  • I've been drumming up some publicity for Jacy's women's conference in Utah on October 19, The Togetherness Project. Have you heard about it? It's going to be amazing!
  • Fight the New Drug came to my city, and I went to see them. I also helped host their guest speaker, Todd Blaquiere, and while he was here, we hatched an idea to have him come back to VA for a tour during White Ribbon Against Pornography Week (WRAP) this fall! (we've got possibly 5 organizations on board so far)
  • As it turns out, Fight the New Drug has a local chapter that just started a few months ago that is just an hour away from me! How cool is that?! I went to a meeting last week and it was sooooo awesome to be in a room full of "fighters" -- both male and female! ROCK ON!
  • Remember SHAMED, the documentary? Big things are about to happen with that project ... and soon! Word on the street is that the name will be changing shortly as the current title carries a bit of a stigma. BIG fundraiser coming up in September! Contact me if you're interested in helping out!
So ... if you don't see me around a lot ... just know ... I love you guys! I AM around. I'm just behind the scenes. Mwahahahahaaaaa ... And I am thinking about you TONS and fighting the battle on other fronts at the moment. Reinforcements are always welcome. ;)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Keynote Speaker & "Fighter": Todd Blaquiere

A few weeks ago, Todd Blaquiere from Fight The New Drug (FTND) was here in Virginia, and I had the pleasure of helping host him. One of his functions within FTND is to tour schools around the country and share his presentation that talks about the science behind porn addiction. I had the opportunity to see the show, and it was amazing! The kids in attendance had a blast. Todd is a talented individual, very entertaining, and knows how to engage his audience. The material he uses includes music, audio-visual clips, a slideshow, and a somewhat stand-up comedy feel. I was so impressed that I'm working with four other organizations to bring Todd back in October as part of a tour for White Ribbon Against Pornography Week. If you can find a venue, I highly recommend him! All he requires is that the school/organization provides plane tickets and housing during his stay. 

So … Who is this guy, anyway? Under “Meet the Team” on the FTND website, here’s Todd’s description: “Even though he’s got mad baller skills, is obsessed with sports and could dunk when he was only 17, Todd chose NOT to join the NBA and instead works here at FTND … Despite being in a punk band, being featured in countless productions, living in Spain, producing a TV show, and currently finishing his MBA, Todd claims that his greatest accomplishment is marrying his beautiful wife with whom he has two kids and one more on the way.”

Todd is definitely a character, but he isn’t just putting on a good show for “Fight.” He believes in the cause, and with good reason. The scientific evidence he presents his very compelling. Todd is among the fighters who have written blurbs for the FTND site titled “Why I Fight,” and he shares his story with students as part of the show. Here's an excerpt:  

“Growing up in Southern California, I spent a lot of summer days at the beach. Bonfires, surfing, football in the sand ... One particular day I caved to some friends’ request to body surf (this is also known as fake surfing, or extreme boredom). Anyway, we were wading in the water, playing a little splashy-splashy with the chicas, when I decided that I needed a little more excitement. So I ventured out further from the shore. The waves were a little bigger; the ocean floor was a little further from the touch of my toes. Nice. Now the fun was really going start. A wave began to swell and I was stoked. This was promising. I turned around, poised to catch the wave, when over my shoulder I noticed that this thing was growing fast. Before I could bail the monster wave picked me up and crushed me. I’ve been thrown off waves before, I’ve taken a board to the head a few times, but this was new. The force of the breaker slammed me against the ocean floor. Completely disoriented, I spun head over heels in the surf. The ocean owned me, I was out of control … You know, on TV this is the part where the gorgeous blonde grabs my arm and pulls me back to shore ... Well, no lifeguard for me. I kicked, swam, and fought. Every time I came up for air I would get a glimpse of the shore. It seemed miles away. I honestly didn’t know if I’d have the strength to make it. Before you get too frightened for me, I’m safe. I didn’t die. After what seemed like an eternity, I dragged my exhausted body onto the shore. If I had the energy I would have warned everyone on the coast. There are people that, because they didn’t know the danger, are caught in a rip current 24/7. They feel like they are out of control. They feel like they can’t get free. They feel helpless. And for a little excitement, they are now trapped. You know what though, pornography isn’t the ocean. It may be vast because there is so much of it. It may be powerful because of its addictive nature. It may even be alluring. But I’m a fighter and I’m taking the sucker down. I am going to do what I couldn’t do that day; I am going to warn everyone that I can ... And though I may become tired, I’ll take a breath and I’ll start again. Because I am a fighter.” (For the full story, click here.)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I married Jack!


Yes, it's true. As you are reading this, chances are I am lying in the sun on a tropical island with the man of my dreams. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Believe me, I am the one pinching myself! 

A hundred times ... a thousand times, I have tried to start a post about our engagement, about the wedding ... something. But I never know quite how to put it all into words. So ... many of you have been through this journey right alongside me. You know what I've been through. You know what it means for me to have gotten to this point. What do you want to know? Tell me what you want to hear me blog about. Ask me your questions about my state of mind, my expectations for the future, etc. I'll answer them.

There are a few things I know for sure: 

I adore him with all my heart. We are a perfect match. And ... Life together is going to be an adventure!

Love to you all! See you when I get back from my honeymoon! Ahhhhhhhh!

A view of the D.C. temple on our wedding day.

Monday, July 8, 2013

For the Lonely Mothers in the Summertime

Hey, ladies. Great article for mommas (like me) who are struggling right now because they have to be far, far away from their babies! Enjoy...

"For the Lonely Mothers in the Summertime" 

By Melody Bergman

As summer approaches, my heart sinks because my children will be leaving. Since my divorce, I am legally bound to turn them over to their father. Now my summers are filled with time. And I am trying to savor the gift in spite of its aftertaste. 

See more at:

And while I have your ear, you might check out the website where it's published, too: Power of Moms. Awesome site with allllll sorts of resources! Love it!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mended by the Carpenter

This morning I was reading a talk, "Broken Things to Mend," by Jeffrey R. Holland, and I came across this poem. So beautiful. I had to share it! The talk is amazing too. If you have time, I hope you'll read it (or listen/watch--the video of his talk is up at that location also). Have a wonderful day, my darlings!

photo credit

In Nazareth, the narrow road,
That tires the feet and steals the breath,
Passes the place where once abode
The Carpenter of Nazareth.
And up and down the dusty way
The village folk would often wend;
And on the bench, beside Him, lay
Their broken things for Him to mend.
The maiden with the doll she broke,
The woman with the broken chair,
The man with broken plough, or yoke,
Said, “Can you mend it, Carpenter?”
And each received the thing he sought,
In yoke, or plough, or chair, or doll;
The broken thing which each had brought
Returned again a perfect whole.
So, up the hill the long years through,
With heavy step and wistful eye,
The burdened souls their way pursue,
Uttering each the plaintive cry:
“O Carpenter of Nazareth,
This heart, that’s broken past repair,
This life, that’s shattered nigh to death,
Oh, can You mend them, Carpenter?”
And by His kind and ready hand,
His own sweet life is woven through
Our broken lives, until they stand
A New Creation—“all things new.”
“The shattered [substance] of [the] heart,
Desire, ambition, hope, and faith,
Mould Thou into the perfect part,
O, Carpenter of Nazareth!” 

George Blair, “The Carpenter of Nazareth,” in Obert C. Tanner,Christ’s Ideals for Living (Sunday School manual, 1955), 22.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blogging Binoculars

Did you ever keep a diary during your teenage years? A cute little hardbound book with swirls or flowers on the cover that encapsulated your biggest dreams and your worst nightmares? Or perhaps the cover was black. Black as the secrets hidden inside.

I have dug out my old journals out from time to time and flipped through them, chuckling to myself. Not because the things inside are humorous, ridiculous, or childish. On the contrary--they were very real to me. They were my reality. I vented and spewed on my darkest days, fuming and screaming at the pages that couldn't hurt me back. I gushed and swooned and danced my pen merrily across the paper, telling secrets to the silent pages that wouldn't spill the beans. When something delightful happened, I ran to write it down, hungering to record it so that I could recall the joy after the memory had faded from my own mind. No, my chuckle as I look through the pages isn't in ridicule. It's because of what is missing from the pages--the rest of my life. And one word comes to mind: UNSTABLE!

I often think that my posterity, looking through my journals after my death, may wonder if I am a little schizophrenic. Let's face it--if you read my personal history and believe that's all there is to it, my life story looks something like this: happy sad yippeeeeee! boo-hoo happy HAPPY sad miserable blissful saaad happy ... You get the idea. 

But aren't our blogs like this too?

This blog isn't really a clear picture of my life and who I am as a whole. It only gives you a little piece. And I'm sure it's the same with you. When we are reading each other's stories, sometimes I feel like we are all standing in a circle staring at each other through or own huge pair of binoculars. We are focused on the trauma, the victories, the strategies, the effects, the resources surrounding this addiction. And that is awesome! For its own purpose. But I encourage each of us to remember that when we are in this underworld of blogs and forums, those binoculars are in place. I believe it was Buffalo Gal (from Kill Your Own Buffalo) who once said something to the effect of: "I wish I could meet you all in person. I am so much cooler in real life!"

Don't you ever feel like screaming:

There is so much more to me than what surrounds this addiction!

I know there is! There's more to me too.

Together, we are like a hospital. We hear each other and we heal each other. We point each other in the direction of fantastic resources. We encourage and lift one another, and we help spread the word about how to fight this pernicious plague. But remember, like a hospital, you don't have to stay forever. You can choose the length of your stay. Maybe you want to take a break and get back to "real life" for a little while. Perhaps you will come back and be a nurse or doctor for a bit. We will always be here in one form or another. (Actually, that is literally true, because even abandoned blogs continue to tell our stories!) And there is always a place for everyone.

But ... I have often felt guilty about leaving the hospital. I feel bad when I don't post for a while. I worry about my WoPA sisters when I don't see anything from them for a while. Some of us have even written apologies to this effect: "Sorry I haven't posted in so long! I've been busy working on my other blog (meaning the family blog)." My feeling is: We shouldn't feel the need to apologize to each other! We should feel free to break away and focus on and enjoy the other aspects of our lives whenever we like. In fact, that sounds pretty healthy to me! 

It's easy to get stuck here. It's easy to become obsessed with the blogs and the underworld that exists here. And sometimes that's what we need. Heaven knows I've been there! When my marriage and my life fell apart, you guys were all I had. No one else really had a clue what I was going through. But now things are changing for me. I'm in and out a lot. I'm sporadic sometimes. I'm healing. I'm less dependent on the hospital. Once in a while I trigger and I come swooping in to write a "my-world-is-falling-apart" post to my underworld friends because I know you will hear me when no one else understands. But remember the binoculars when that happens! Just because I have a bad day and I vent in a post doesn't mean my life really is falling apart. It probably just means I needed a visit to the hospital that day because I broke my arm. ;) I know not everyone can relate. We are each at our own point on our journeys. But just so you know, that's where I'm at!  

Life is good. I promise. Even in the darkest times, we can put down our binoculars and find at least one pretty flower on the ground next to us. 

Hang in there, my peeps. And if I'm MIA, know I love you all and am thinking of you. But I'm not sorry! :) :) :)