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Web Safety
  • "Get Net Wise Web Site"
    GetNetWise is a public service to help ensure that Internet users have safe and constructive online experiences. 
  • "Internet Filter Review Site"
    This site provides product reviews of Internet filtering software and other anti-spyware and anti-virus programs.
  • "Internet Safe Web Site"
    This site is sponsored by the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families to educate people on Internet safety.
  • "Kid Smart Web Site"
    This site focuses on five safety tips for children to remember when using the Internet.
  • "NetSmartz Workshop"
    The NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational safety resource that teaches kids and teens how to stay safer online.
  • "Protect Kids Web Site" is part of a national nonprofit effort to make the Internet safer for children and families.
  • "Web Wise Kids Web Site"
    This nonprofit organization is dedicated to teaching adults and children how to avoid online predators. 
  • ContentWatch Internet Protection Articles
    This site lists family-safe sites, online safety tips, and other helpful information. 
    Sharing technology ideas with LDS parents and youth to strengthen families.  
  • Free Training
    Learn what parents can do to protect their children and home from Internet pornography. 
  • Internet Safety Podcast
    The Internet Safety Podcast is a non-profit weekly program to educate parents, teachers, and teens about the benefits and risks of technology.  
  • "Family Friendly Sites"
    This subsection of lists several helpful resources for parents to promote their children's online safety. 
  • "I Keep Safe Web Site"
    Provides information and resources for children, parents, and educators to promote safe Internet use. 

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    Glad to have found your blog.