Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's coming ...

I'm having growing pains. I'm not quite sure what to do with this space, this blog of mine. I think I will leave it as it is--as a monument to where I've been. But now I'm running away to bigger and better things.

Ever since I started my journey, since I broke away from my addict's roller-coaster and began my own thrill ride, I've had a dream. I want to create a place where people can find resources about Pornography Addiction. Not just articles and books. Organizations. Did you know there are HUNDREDS of organizations out there? All over the world? I'm finding them. And I'm working to put them at everyone's fingertips.

And on the side, I'll be telling my story again. But this time it will be different.

Stay tuned. Something electrifying is in the works ... Actually a few somethings, and I have my fingers in all of them in some way. More than just STUFF this time, I promise.

I'll be back.

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