Friday, November 15, 2013


One of the mainstream newspapers in the UK displays full frontal nudity on p. 3 in every issue, and people have finally started to take a stand against it. How would you feel if you were sitting in a coffee shop next to customers blatantly discussing the porn on p. 3? What about a nurse tending to a patient in a hospital who is commenting on the boobs on p. 3. How does she feel? How about an elementary art teacher prepping for the day who has to cut this page out from each newspaper before she can lay them out for the students? These are all instances I have read about on their site, and citizens are not standing for it any more. Help us stand with them.

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Below is an update I just got this morning via email. Great stuff!!!

Hello to all 123,725 of you!!

We are so pleased to tell you that last week there was debate about Page 3 in The Scottish Parliament!

It gained cross party support and MSPs urged the Editor of The Scottish Sun, Gordon Smart, to “take his paper into the twenty first century by consigning Page 3 to the dustbin of history". Huge thanks to Jackie Baillie, Scottish Labour MSP for Dumbarton, who led the Members’ Debate.
Watch it here!

Students around the country are working hard to say No More Page 3 too! Abertay, Birmingham City, Bradford, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Durham, Dundee, Edinburgh, East Anglia, Essex, LSE, Manchester Met, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Stirling, UCL, Winchester, York St John and Brasenose College, St Hugh’s College, New College, University College and Teddy Hall, Oxford have all removed the newspaper from their shops until the Sun drops Page 3!

Also, as you know NMP3 has inspired A LOT of creativity, well, now a choir has written and recorded us a song! It’s glorious!

A theatre company is holding a play writing competition, inviting people to write short plays inspired by the campaign!

AND, this weekend is the 43rd anniversary of Page 3. We’re quite sure it will be the last one, after all with so many people, organisations and charities who work to end violence against women, saying ‘please, stop it, these pictures are damaging’ - how long can the Sun continue to show these pictures?

JOIN US this weekend at one of the many protests that are going on around the country! (or do something yourself to say No More Page 3) Details here: