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Hi there! Angel here! Have something to say? Need a listening hear? Feel free to leave me a comment or email me at ...

Just to be clear, this "contact me" section is primarily for:

1) Blog readers who want to send me a message on a less public forum: Have something personal to say, but rather not do the email thing? Cool. I'm happy to "not publish" any of the comments you leave here -- just specify, and I'll respect that.

2) People searching for a resource: Looking for something specific? Need to find an article from a certain source? Or perhaps you remember something about a blog you saw once but you don't remember the title? Maybe I can lend a hand! I'll sure give it a try!

3) Suggestions for additional resources: Know of a great book, link, blog, etc., that's not on one of my lists? Please share! My site is pretty bare bones as I'm just starting out. But it will grow! And you can help me with that!

Please note that this comment section is NOT a place to vote on whether or not a resource should be listed. We all have different tastes and opinions, of course. If my little spot isn't your cup of tea, no worries! Come visit, enjoy, sample ... take it or leave it. It might be your thing; it might not. =D

I also ask for your patience with me as you leave messages, and please be respectful of all our fellow bloggers. (And of course, as mistress of the blog, I reserve the right to screen and/or delete comments as I deem necessary.) Remember, we're all in this together!

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